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The Yu Method Clinical Study

5-Step Program Clinical Study

Health is not just the absence of illness; it is the state of integral well being and systemic balance, which depends on certain genetic, psychological and environmental factors, and in great measure depends on how we absorb and make efficient use of nutrients and eliminate wasteful toxins, in order to seek an adequate internal balance.

In recent years, due to an increase in lifespan of people in different world latitudes, there has been an increase in curiosity to acquire more in-depth knowledge on how to slow down the cell’s breakdown in order to prolong aging and have a greater quality of life, especially in those population groups that benefit from medical innovations, therefore prolonging their lives and capacity to work. 1R4

Every day, interest in conserving health becomes more evident, especially in the adoption of healthy lifestyles, not just for its effects on physical wellbeing, yet also pertaining to eating habits, both of which have clearly indicated the need to obtain scientific information on the impact of nutrition, exercise and nutritional supplementation, particularly the elements that attempt to reduce cellular breakdown or oxidative stress.

In The Yu Method Clinical Study, the conditions and expectations of each patient are important and unique, thus providing advanced, world class treatments for those who want to increase their physical performance, re-establish their body balance, strengthen their immune system and autodefense capacity, but do not dispose of the ideal tools to do so, or have not obtained the expected results with conventional treatment. In these instances, they require the support of specialized medical protocols that are based on regenerative, orthomolecular and functional medicine in order to treat not only the consequences of their ailments, but also their causes and origins.

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Dr. Louie Yu

(CMO) Chief Medical Officer


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