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Recirculating Auto Hemotherapy

Developed as a remedy for many cardiological problems, preventing the patient from having to undergo the life threatening, highly risky, painful, expensive and complicated procedures of surgery and it’s adverse side effects.


Our mission is to provide technologically advanced, natural, nutritional products of unrivaled formulation, as well as to educate consumers and healthcare practitioners in preventative healthcare and in bio-energetic systems for integrating overall wellness.


The Nutraceutical industry is both a brain child and product of the need for preventative personalized medicine. Born of consumer demand for better food the Industry continues to use consumers for inspiration.

In treating almost every type of disease known to man, there has been one constant, nutritional therapy and diet has always played a key role to disease and dysfunction. This is a key difference to my understanding of treatment and formulations which differs from the vast majority.

The last few years have been dedicated to chiropractic, orthomolecular medicine and EBOO ozone technologies. What is interesting is that all the assumptions made about the health status of the human body through advanced diagnostic testing is that of the blood, is that blood observed in the EBOO protocols much different than previously known. EBOO stands for Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozination. EBOO is the worlds most advanced and critical medical ozone treatment performed today. With my development with EBOO we can see that the fats that are the leading cause of cardiovascular disease occurs much earlier than previously predicted or known, which increase the risk factors for cardiovascular events such as heart attacks, transient ischemic attacks and strokes by almost 200%

Based on my research and understanding the new line of nutraceuticals are all formulated with the understanding that the blood and the body are reacting much different than what is known today. This premise is based on the fact that we see more fats and toxins in the blood while performing the EBOO protocols. To take a healthy male or female with a good medical history, good diet history, and good nutritional supplement program and see that when performing the EBOO procedure, that the blood is laden with fats, plaques, heavy metals, and toxins.

You take sick people with specific diseases and make them well; you take healthy people and make them better all the while seeing drastic changes in their appearances. This is the newest form of anti-aging medicine and the best treatment of most heart conditions eliminating the need for surgery. This all done by EBOO technologies.

The nutraceuticals that I formulate, manufacture and distribute are unique in the market place. They are formulated with three things in mind.

Delivery The products are designed to pass into the blood stream using different mechanisms of delivery in the body. Most nutritional products do not take into consideration the disease state of the patient. The ability to assimilate the products and what happens to the products as they enter the system. How does the product go through gastrointestinal assimilation and what are the pitfalls to normal digestion and metabolism of the pills, capsules, tablets and liquids. As well as how they are in turn used by the system. Each product has a unique site of metabolism if attached to a specific delivery system. Delivery is paramount when you talk about nutrition and supplements. If you are only counting on the fact that you put a pill into your mouth or drink a magic potion to heal yourself then you are sadly mistaken. You must have a delivery system in place to insure your body will maximize absorption and utilization of the products.

How are the products stabilized? What mechanism are used to ensure product stability not only in the product form but as well how they remain stable in the body after consumption and utilization. I am concerned with the different types of preservatives and chemical stabilizers that keep the product intact for their intended use, keeping to more natural forms that mimic what occurs in nature. Fat content, solubility, temperature in various organs etc.

I have developed what I call synergistic strategies for formulation. I check not only the chemical compatibility of the ingredients but the energetic compatibility as well. This is a unique and proprietary process only known to me. That thought process and energetic testing are solely an invention to me and no one else in the world.

Clinical Products are used on my patients in my office based on their specific disease state. With that in mind, when products are in the beta phase of testing, I have patients with specific problems in physiology and try them to see if they are effacious. The idea being if these patients can absorb, metabolize and utilize the products well, then the average person in reasonable health will do so much more efficiently. This is the reason why my nutritional supplements and EBOO protocols are called “First Choice for a Second Chance.” Most of my patients have been through the gambit of doctors and treatments and have been failed medically or by alternative complimentary therapies. They come to me out of hope and desperation to find a way to better health.

Because I take these factors into account, the products are unique to my clinical practice. All formulations are made out of necessity for the patient’s health benefit. As I work as an active clinician, I see trends in health and disease, therefore I stay ahead of the game by introducing products based on treatment needs since food and nutrition are the keys to maintaining good health and well-being.

Dr. Louie Yu